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Frames & Signages: Product
Tiffany Blue Shaung Xi.JPG

Tiffany Shuang Xi

Ala Carte Rental: SDG8 nett

Feltboard (Size A3) .jpg

A3 Feltboard

Rental: SGD 10 Nett

Tiffany Blue Shaung Xi.JPG

I love you to the moon and back

Ala Carte Rental: SDG10 nett

Pick a Seat Sigange.jpg

Pick A Seat

Ala Carte Rental: SGD10 nett

Tiffany Blue Shaung Xi.JPG

Scrabble Shadow Box 

Ala Carte Rental: SGD20 nett

Available Phrase: 

1) I have found the one whom my soul loves, Song of Solomon 3:4

2) All because two people fell in love

3) Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite

4) The union of two hearts two hearts that beat one

Sale Price: SGD 50 nett (you can customise the wordings)

Frames & Signages: Product
LOVE Lights.png

LOVE Lights

Rental: SGD 15 per Set

Height: 15cm 

Vintage Frames.jpg

Vintage Frames

A set of Vintage Frames

Rental: SGD 15 per set

2 x 5R

2 x 4R

*Photos / Designs not included 

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