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Welcome Area: Product

Welcome Area

Welcome Board Materials 

 Acrylic Board A2 Size / Foam Board A2 Size / Mirror Board 40 by 60cm

* Foam Board & Acrylic Board will be give to you after the event.

Top up @40 nett to buy the Mirror Board

Planning to get a welcome board only? Shop here

Welcome Area: Product

Style A

Welcome Area by Jcraftyourevents.jpg

Style J (Pink)

Welcome Area style J .jpeg

Style J (Red)


Style K - Acrylic with white base

Jcraftyourevents_Style K - Acrylic Board

Style L - Acrylic Board

Style L Acrylic Board.jpg

Style L Enhanced - Acrylic Board

Jcraftyourevents_ Design L Enhanced.jpg

Style R - Enhanced

Jcraftyourevents_Welcome Area Style R en

Style T - Acrylic with Copper Gold base Coat

Style T_Acrylic Board.jpg

Style Y

Style Y.jpg



Cappuccino Love

Cappuccino Love

Style I

Welcome Area Style I.jpeg

Style J (Pink) - Round Signage

Style J (Pink) - Round Signage

Style J - Mirror Board

Style J Mirror.jpeg

Style L - Foam Board

Welcome Area Style L.jpg

Style L Enhanced - Mirror Board

Style L Enhanced - Mirror Board.jpg

Style R

Welcome Board_R.jpg

Style T

Welcome Board - Style T.jpg

Style U

Jcraftyourevents_Welcome Area.jpg

Modern Oriental


Beauty & the Beast

jcraftyourevents_Beauty & the beast

Welcome Board Sample Designs

Welcome Board _ Acrylic A2.jpg

Clear Acrylic Board

Jcraftyourevents_Copper Gold Sample.jpg

Acrylic Board with Copper Gold Base

Jcraftyourevents_Chalk Board.JPG

                 Chalkboard - Our Love Story

Welcome Board Design C.jpg

Foam Board - Greatest Adventure

Acrylic Board (Pink Base).jpg

Acrylic Board with Pink Base

Copper Base Acrylic Board.jpg

Acrylic Board with Copper Gold Base

Chalkboard - Customized Quote.jpg

Chalkboard - Customised Quote

Timeline Sample.jpeg

Foam Board - Our Love Story


Acrylic Board with White Base

Jcraftyourevents_Acrylic With Frame.jpg

Acrylic Board with Frame

Jcraftyourevents_Welcome Board foam boar

Foam Board - To our Beginning

Jcraftyourevents Welcome Board.jpeg

Mirror Signage

welcome board twc.jpeg
seating chart for darryl and sarah.001.j
Jcraftyourevents_Mirror Board Sample.jpg
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